The Maintenance and Operations Department is under the direction of Bo Bacon.  He is assisted by Evelyn Galane-Phillips, who can be reached at 303-367-3000 ext. 28642.  The department consists of approximately 100 full time/year round maintenance staff and approximately 180-200 full time/year round custodial staff.  Our department is responsible for maintaining 4,684,520 building square feet.

Our hours of operations are  7:00 AM to 4:00 PM for Dispatch/Support, Monday thru Friday.  You can reach the department by calling 303-367-3000.   Please call 303-326-3000 ext.  28600 (Dispatch) for emergency work requests.

The District is divided into three areas/zones which are maintained by Team A (east), Team B (west), and Team C (south).  Adding support to all areas is the Exterior Operations team, the Energy Optimization team, the Electronic and Control team, the Custodial team, and the Support team.   

M&O Organization Chart

Facilities Complex Phone Extensions