2020 Goal: 20% reduction in energy use per student

"For every dollar we spend on utility service providers is another dollar less than what we have to impact student achievement."

A comfortable learning environment is vital to student achievement.  This page provides information and resources on HVAC systems hours of operation, temperature set points, before & after hours scheduling requests and systems overrides.

Temperature Set Points 
Occupied Periods - 68 F - 74 F Unoccupied Periods - 60 F (during heating months) & 85 F (during cooling months)

Before and After Hours Scheduling Requests 
There are options for requesting HVAC during unoccupied periods. Please submit a work order via SchoolDude.

Vista Peak Exploratory's Green Monster Club has a few tips on energy efficiency...

Please click on the links below for helpful information to keep your school as energy efficient as possible!

Winter Break Shutdown Checklist for Schools

 Teacher Energy Conservation Procedure 

 Custodial Conservation Procedure