The Support hours are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  This team provides a variety of services in support of the Maintenance and Operations Department as well as the Construction Management and Support Department. 

Customer Care Center

The Customer Care Center consists of our Dispatcher, Aaron Sanchez (ext. 28600).  His primary responsibilities include emergency work order requests, customer support, and communications. The Dispatcher receives calls from throughout the District with requests for emergency maintenance and Radio Repairs services.     The Dispatcher also serves as the focal point for our Department communications in dispatching all the emergency requests including Pest Control and Radio's.

The Dispatcher is an integral part of our customer survey process to invite our customers to respond to a short survey of their opinion about our performance.  You can reach Aaron at ext. 28600 or at

Work Order Support

Our Work Order staff consists of Aaron Sanchez extension 28600 and Annette McGhee, extension 28605.  They create and process purchase requisitions to procure the supplies, materials, tools and services our technicians require to provide the maintenance and repair services.

In addition, our support staff team processes all of the technician work orders for the assignment of account numbers, team assignment, compilation and reconciliation of the employee time information. 

Warehouse and Tool Room

The warehouse and tool room staff consists of  Barb Ledoux, ext. 28609. They organize and maintain the stock of spare parts that we keep on hand to support the technicians needs. We have over 2900 different items with a value approaching $350,000 in this inventory.

In addition, the team provides pickup service for parts that are required for emergency repairs, as well as delivery of lifts for sites. In the tool room we store and check out specialized tools and small power equipment that may be required by the technicians in their work.

These two serve as the receiving point for supplier delivery of the various materials ordered for specific work orders and work under the supervision of Curt Humphrey, Director of Purchasing at 303-326-1988 (ext. 28233).


Susan Askoul, is the department  Buyer, and responsible for making purchases of supplies, tools, equipment and services.  Housed at Maintenance and Operations, she works for the Purchasing Department under the direction of Mary Smith at 303-326-1988 (ext. 28234).   Susan can be reached at extension 28615. 

Functional Analyst for Maintenance and Operations

The Functional Analyst position for Maintenance and Operations, Sheri Nantkes, is the primary contact for all SchoolDude needs. This is the "behind the scenes" person who has worked with SchoolDude and programmed SchoolDude for Maintenance and other departments.  They are responsible for analyzing all data that goes to our Accounting Department.  If you are experiencing any issues or have questions, you can reach Sheri Nantkes at extension 28604 or by e-mail at