Maintenance and Operations Support Staff 

Emergencies, please call Ext 28300 or 303-326-1199

This team provides a variety of services to support the Maintenance and Operations Department as a whole.  Our primary responsibilities consist of supporting the everyday needs of Custodial Operations, Exterior Operations, Life Safety Systems, Maintenance Operations and Natural / Renewable Resources or Energy and Building Optimization, whether we are distributing work orders, are routing substitutes, posting jobs, cost coding purchases, or interfacing with the community, we are here to support the overall mission of Maintenance and Operations.

M&O Support questions, assistance, and non-emergency needs, please contact:

Julie Rapone - Assistant to M&O Director  -- Ext 28662

Karlina Guillermo - M & O Specialist with an emphasis on Work Distribution and Compliance โ€“ ext. 28612   

Annette McGhee - M & O Specialist with an emphasis on Custodial โ€“ ext. 28605 

Patty Shaw - M & O Specialist with an emphasis on Staff Recruiting, Hiring and On-boarding โ€“ ext. 28662    

Laura Wamsley - M & O Specialist with an emphasis on Accounting โ€“ ext. 28668  



Susan Askoul, is the department  Buyer, and responsible for making purchases of supplies, tools, water services for the districts mobile units, equipment and services.  She works for the Purchasing Department under the direction of April Cooke at 303-326-1988 (ext. 28234).   Susan can be reached at extension 28615. 

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