APS Custodian-Student Worker Program

In Aurora Public Schools, one of our goals, as detailed in the APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan, is to ensure every student gains a set of skills to implement his or her plan for the future.

The APS Custodian-Student Worker Program provides our high school students a unique opportunity to acquire vital 21st century skills, as outlined in the Colorado Department of Education Graduation Guidelines.

The program pairs students with experts from the APS Custodial Operations Department to gain hands-on work experience while simultaneously earning income, digital badge credentials and professional recommendations for future employment. In turn, students demonstrate they are on track to successfully complete their Individual Career and Academic Plans and are prepared for college and career success.

Interested? Contact:

APS Custodial Operations Department
1369 Airport Blvd., Aurora, CO 80011
303-367-3000 | maintop.aurorak12.org

Download the brochure for more information.