2016 Spring Quarterly Award Winners and Pin Service Ceremony

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2016 Spring Quarterly Award Winners and Pin Service Ceremony

On May 13th Maintenance and Operations celebrated the 2016 Spring Quarterly Award recipients as well as the service pin recipients. A combination of over 150 years of service was recognized at Maintenance and Operations.


Scott Knox is the head custodian at Peoria Elementary and was nominated by colleague Shane Phillipps. Scott works well with others and handles group projects by communicating effectively and helping team mates get the necessary resources to complete tasks needed. Scott promotes parent and community involvement by interacting with members of the public and making sure his sites are ready to receive visitors each day. Scott ensures student learning by having clean productive work spaces for students and staff. Congratulations Scott and thank you for your great work!


Anthony Lopez is the head custodian at Aurora Central High School and was nominated by Luis Arroyo. Anthony is recognized for his great work across the district at several schools where he has been a team member. Anthony is very organized and has an eye for detail. He is preventive in submitting work orders before problems become an emergency or hazardous. This forward thinking allows students to have uninterrupted learning without distractions and keeps the building in a presentable manner to students, staff, parents and community members. Congratulations Anthony and thank you for your great work!


Chris Hillen is an electrician on team A and he was nominated by Bo Bacon. Chris is known for demonstrating initiative, teamwork, work ethic, technical skills, competency, integrity and compassion. Chris has a fiscal awareness when analyzing corrective action in regards to maintenance and energy costs. Chris genuinely puts the safety, comfort and well-being of students and staff first. Congratulations Chris and thank you for your great work!


Josh Nelson is a painter from Team A and he was nominated by colleague Shane Phillipps. Josh is excellent at communicating with staff at sites about painting projects and estimating the completion date. Josh is also very diligent in the upkeep of appearances at his sites. He will patch and repaint areas he finds even if they are not included in the original work order. Josh’s communication and attention to detail keeps student from being distracted by maintaining a clean and pleasant learning environment. Congratulations Josh and thank you for your great work!

Perfect Fire Inspections-

  • Larry Trenn from West
  • Maria Saldana from Dalton
  • Marina Pervanic from the ESC complex

Service Pin Recipients-

  •                 Thomas Jeffreys- 15 year pin
  •                 Scott Repair- 10 year pin
  •                 Steve Hardin- 10 year pin
  •                 Bill Sweet- 10 year pin
  •                 Ron Williams- 10 year pin
  •                 Fred Hesser- 30 year pin
  •                 Scott Begert- 10 year pin
  •                 Ricky Barber- 10 year pin
  •                 Craig Hall- 10 year pin
  •                 Roger Jaeger- 15 year pin
  •                 John Kuchenbrod- 25 year pin
  •                 Brandon Nelson- 10 year pin