2020 Goal: Every one of our district's 52 schools engaged and participating in energy efficiency and resource conservation practices and 500 digital badges awarded each semester

Do good, go green; earn badges, earn green.

Established in 2014, the Natural and Renewable Resources Program was created to promote and support project & place-based learning for all APS students through sustainability-driven best practices aimed at energizing student participation in schools and local communities.

Through our district's Digital Badge Initiative (DBI), students are eligible to earn badges to reflect 21st Century Skills by participating in project-based learning initiatives to promote environmental awareness at their school. Each semester, those schools that show a demonstrated reduction in energy use through the district-wide Energy Challenge Competition, as well as evidence of their student-led efforts submitted through the DBI, are eligible for cash incentives provided from energy savings from these efforts. To date, student groups and facilities personnel have contributed more than $1.5 million dollars in cost savings.

Our student groups also have access to real time data for each of their individual schools. Students can monitor and analyze data to make recommendations for energy efficiency practices at their schools. Are you interested to see how YOUR school is performing? Take a peak at the Building Dashboard and compare schools.dashboard




Any APS K-12 school group, student club or “green team” with a designated club sponsor may participate. The challenge focuses on empowering students and staff to learn about energy use and take action through student-led activities and projects.