The office of Custodial Operations consists of Bob Ropkin, Supervisor, ext. 28680, Gail Bengtson, Secretary, ext. 28678, Scott Repair, Area Coordinator, ext. 28684, Tammy Mael, Area Coordinator, ext. 28688, Mike Ward, Coordinator/Trainer, ext. 28691, and Maria Mojica, Head Custodian for the Facilities Complex.  This team oversees 190 custodians whom they are responsible for training, ordering their custodial supplies, custodial substitute placement, building inspections, and cleaning 4,684,520 sq. ft. daily. They can be reached at 303-367-3000.

Billable Items

Custodial Organization Chart

Custodial Organization Chart


Weekly Inspection

Frequently asked questions about snow and ice products

Teams A, B, C Area Coordinators (REVISED)


Cleaning and Oiling Procedures

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Fire Inspection Log

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Ice Melt Below Zero

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Near Zero Ice Melt

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Staples Chemical Conversion Sheet

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Promote student achievement by providing environments conducive to learning that are clean, safe, and inviting for our community in addition to providing facility maintenance and operational support.