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Welcome to the Maintenance and Operations Department

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Maintenance and Operations Mission Statement:

To provide safe, well-maintained, and comfortable facilities, that 

complement and promote our dynamic learning environments. 

2016 Fall Quarterly Award Winners

M&O celebrated the 2016 Fall Quarterly Award Winners and Perfect Fire Inspections.

Quarterly Award winners from Custodial were Maria Valadez from South and Paul Owens III from Park Lane. Maria was nominated by Principal Courtney Goertz for streamlining organizational structures at South. This has allowed South to exhibit a positive student and staff culture. Paul Owens III received over 12 nominations from the Park Lane staff. Paul Owens III is recognized for his meticulous cleaning standards as well as his friendly and helpful demeanor. Thank you Maria and Paul for making sure APS students have a clean and welcoming learning environment!

Quarterly Award winners from Maintenance and Operations are Jeff Lassen and Zack Herring. Jeff Lassen is recognized for his diverse and useful skill set. Jeff works on several projects to maintain student safety or remedy potential safety issues. Jeff always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with. Zack Herring was nominated by Karen Parks for his genuine interest in listening to his co-workers needs and responding promptly. Not only does Zack fix the reported problem, he takes initiative to make the conditions safe and comfortable. Zack is respectful  and listens to suggestions attentively. Thank you Jeff and Zack for keeping our schools and offices safe and comfortable! 

Perfect Fire Inspections were received at seven schools! Crawford, Fulton, Vaughn, North, Vassar, Sable and Aurora Hills all received PERFECT Fire Inspections this school year. The sites head custodians and their team were recognized for their hard work in this achievement! Thank you for keeping our students environment safe and keeping the focus on learning!! 

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Exterior Operations Team Joins Laredo CDC for Big Machines Enrichment

The M&O Exterior Operations team visited Laredo CDC to help the students with their "Big Machines" Enrichment. This was an exciting learning opportunity for students to extend their learning further and deeper. The two part session included one day of hands on with the "Big Machines" and the second day was putting the learning into action. After a presentation on the "Big Machines" the students worked together and wrote about their experience, including comparing and contrasting tractors. A big thanks to the Laredo CDC students and staff as well as the M&O Exterior Operations Team! 

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Aurora Public Schools Energy Conservation Program Wins ELP Award

Aurora Public Schools Energy Conservation Program Wins ELP Award

Established three years ago, the Green Star Schools Program (GSSP) is a voluntary energy management program created to promote and support project and place-based learning for all APS students through sustainability-driven best practices. The program provides an opportunity for students to learn lifelong lessons in conservation, leadership and accountability while earning recognition and cash incentives for their schools.

2016 ELP Awards at McNichols Wednesday Oct. 5, 2016.

2016 ELP Awards at McNichols

Recently, the Aurora Public Schools energy conservation program held its bi-annual kickoff meeting to award schools for their commitment to energy conservation and education.

Congratulations to the following schools that earned cash incentive awards:

  • Crawford Elementary School $300
  • Elkhart Elementary School 230
  • Lyn Knoll Elementary School $390
  • Sixth Avenue Elementary School $750
  • Virginia Court Elementary School $240
  • Wheeling Elementary School $250
  • Aurora West College Preparatory Academy $600
  • Vista PEAK Exploratory $400

Overall earners for elementary, middle and high school include:

  • Peoria Elementary $2,600
  • East Middle School $3,700
  • Aurora Central High School $7,400

After the awards ceremony, participants gathered to learn more about the GSSP and share best practices with fellow teachers. This year Green Star has partnered with Earth Force, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-on PBL training to teachers and activating community action programs with our students.

The program supports the APS 2020: Shaping the Future strategic plan core belief that students take an active and ongoing responsibility for their learning.

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